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Contacting Alpha-G Consulting, LLC

Generally, it's simplest to contact Alpha-G by e-mail. If phone calls are necessary, we can call you, but calling Alpha-G isn't usually practical unless you've worked with us before. (As we have no central office, per se, there's not a good number to give out until we know which of our consultants will be helping you.)

We're always happy to call you--just make an appointment by e-mail.

We have a contract with a web conferencing provider so we can do online demonstrations or help you take steps on your end.

By E-mail:

Send to info at our domain

By Phone:

If you do not already have the phone number you need, please make an appointment for us to call you (by sending an e-mail to info at our domain, of course)

By Mail:

We'll provide an appropriate address whenever you need one. (You know the drill, right? Send an e-mail to info...)

By Fax:
Alpha-G doesn't receive faxes, except in unusual circumstances. If you absolutely, no-other-means-possible, need to send a fax, we'll give you a number. If you can e-mail documents to us (including in PDF files) that's generally much more convenient. Also, we're generally happy to start work with a PO# in hand (just send a copy electronically or it in the mail for us).