Alpha-G Consulting
Tools and Utilities

Tools to provide functions and capabilities that go beyond the stock Horzion system.

Would life with your database be easier if you just had a tool to...? Alpha-G might already have it. If not, we can often make it for you.

Alpha-G has a growing set of tools that can help you. For new products, beta testers and development partners may receive special credits or discounts.

Please inquire for information on tools you'd like to see Alpha-G offer.

Circulation Tools and Utilities

Cataloging Tools and Utilities

Acquisitions Tools and Utilities

Administration and Reporting Tools and Utilities

Public Services Tools and Utilities

Don't See What You Need?
Most Alpha-G products come about through a partnership with one or more libraries who work with us to create the solution they need. Alpha-G has the flexibility and the talent to create tools, utilities, and techniques that take the effectiveness of your system to the next level. If you need a capability or behavior that goes beyond what is available in the Horizon system (or its database software), our experts will work with you to create, test, and implement it.

Prefer to Do It Yourself?
Alpha-G's growing library of Java code is available for purchase or by annual subscription. Individual classes or packages are available for sale, or you can subscribe to regular updates of JAR files (supplied with Javadocs API documentation). The source code itself is available (under our subscription-based open-source agreement). SQL source code is available under similar arrangements. Please contact Alpha-G for more information.