Alpha-G Consulting
About Alpha-G Consulting, LLC

Who's Behind Alpha-G?
Alpha-G Consulting, LLC is a Utah-based company that includes a number of talented people connected by the Internet who've pooled their skills, but work from their respective offices (that's one reason they're so inexpensive to hire).

Thumbnail Biographies of the Alpha-G Consultants

Alpha-G's founding alpha-geek is John Craig. John worked for the leading vendor of library automation systems in a variety of capacities for more than 10 years; for a supplier of customized systems to industry for 5; and for a producer of a set of software development environments for a couple of years too. Before that, he spent time getting a degree in linguistics. (Don't get him started on "which" clauses and the problems of translating them into Korean!)

John was the founding editor of the late (and undeservedly unlamented) Journal of Pascal, Ada, and Modula-2. After the magazine was bought by John Wiley and Sons, John was a contributing editor for several years.

Alpha-G has grown by the addition of other people with experience in library automation, administrative systems, programming, and other useful things.

John's a very customer-oriented guy and so are the rest of the Alpha-G team. (Just ask the customers they've worked with.) John handles most of the business arrangements for Alpha-G and so if you want to work with Alpha-G (or think you might), send him an e-mail. He'll do his best to help you.

What's Alpha-G's Philosophy?
Alpha-G's philosophy is that you deserve honest information as well as courteous, effective help with whatever computing need you have. Alpha-G's business is built on the reputation of our people telling it like it is. Before the meter starts clicking over, Alpha-G will learn about your problem and give you a clear assessment. Before you spend money, Alpha-G will give you the clearest possible explanation of what you'll be buying. If Alpha-G can't provide what you need, we'll candidly tell you.

Alpha-G knows that customer satisfaction must be our highest priority. If you're not happy with how your relationship is going with Alpha-G, tell John--he says he'll do whatever he can to make it right.

What does Alpha-G Know?
Alpha-G offers expertise in a variety of areas including database administration, database design and programming, web site hosting and programming, and the Horizon library automation system.

Alpha-G has many years' of expertise available to share which provides a different kind of service than you can get from your support contract with SirsiDynix. Look around on the web site and you'll see what we have to offer. If you don't see what you need, please contact us; we can probably help you.