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Where do you find someone who knows all the geekie bits, but can still explain it in English? Alpha-G can help. Let us give your staff the information they need to function in new areas.

Alpha-G provides specialized training in areas such as DB Administration, SQL, and, uniquely, on whatever you need (see the Workshop on Your Topic item below).

Alpha-G offers stock courses or workshops geared to your specific needs. A workshop or some consulting time is a great way to get the most out of a course you've just completed.

Workshop training is available at your site for modest rates plus travel expenses. Consider purchasing some time on retainer in conjunction with a workshop to make the most of the trip to your site.

Workshop on Your Topic

Training packages from $350.00
Alpha-G can provide your institution with general to advanced training (in person or via a web conference). Getting the Most from the Table Editor, and SQL Patterns (a series of courses, covering basic to advanced SQL techniques, including specialized methods for retrieving MARC Data) are representative examples.

SQL Patterns: Basic Techniques
SQL Patterns: Techniques for MARC Data