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Consulting and Troubleshooting

Need someone nerdy and knowledgable to work with you or just answer a few questions? Check out our flexible consulting arrangements.

Remember Alexander and that knotty problem he was faced with? Well, Alpha-G's geeks can cut through your technical problems and give you the confidence you need to conclude a successful campaign. Alpha-G loves to help people solve problems. Let us take a slash at yours.

Consulting Services

Consulting Time
Buy Alpha-G's experts' time by the hour. We will help you with whatever you need: using Horizon, or Evergreen troubleshooting, adjusting configurations, creating reports, SQL queries, or just about anything else you can think of. Note that if you need help with an urgent problem right now, there is a higher rate than if we can fit you into our schedule with some flexibility.
   • Billed Hours   $120.00 / hour (2 hour minimum)
   • Emergency Assistance   $180.00 / hour (2 hour minimum)
   • On Retainer   $720.00 / 8 hours ($90.00 per hour)
Time on retainer is our most popular service. Buy one or more 8-hour blocks of time to use as needed.
Post-installation Assistance
Need a little extra help getting things set up, configured, or some questions answered? Let one of Alpha-G's experts work with you for a longer chunk of time than your support contacts can usually spare. We can assist you with whatever you need; such as, learning Horizon's features, adjusting configuration or parameter settings, changing screen layouts to better meet your needs, or help you adjust workflows to use Horizon more effectively.
Backup Review and Adjustments
Most Horizon sites have database backup strategies that either do not include everything they should (is HIP's database backed up automatically?) or are designed in such a way that recovery is more difficult than it needs to be. Let us review your set up and provide you with some better tools for monitoring your backups.
Off-site Backups
We'll maintain a copy of your backups at our site so you're covered in case of a local disaster. Optional add-on services include backup monitoring (so you don't have worry about whether your data is getting backed up properly); we can also be prepared to bring up a working copy of your database (accessible via the Internet) with a few hours' notice, if you wish.
Indexing - Bib and Authority
Our experts will assist you in defining, populating, and configuring new bibliographic or authority indexes for Horizon staff or public searches.
Indexing - Bib Index based on Item Information
This unique offering allows your system to include bibliographic indexes built from item-level information that is copied to a local tag by a custom Day-end step. This combination provides the functions of Dynix Bridge Indexing (the price includes the custom Day-end step and the indexing set up.)
Horizon System Administrator
Off-site System Administration of the Horizon software (6 month minimum contract). Available options include service during Extended Hours, or 24/7. Quoted price may vary based on library's needs and complexity.
Horizon System Administration - On-call Expert
Add an on-call expert to your staff to help your System Administrator with problems or questions (6 month minimum contract). You get up to 26 hours of help as you need it over a 6 month contract, or 52 hours over a year. Additional time is available at our Consulting On-retainer rates.
Database System Administrator
System Administration of Sybase or MS SQL database software (generally requires 6 month minimum contract). Available options include service during Extended Hours or 24/7. Let us relieve you of the burden of administering your database and ensuring that it is operating properly. We will manage everything except swapping backup media and manual power-ons.
Training Packages
Alpha-G can provide your institution with general to advanced training (in person, or, for a growing set of courses, via your web browser). Getting the Most from the Table Editor and SQL Patterns (a series of courses covering basic to advanced SQL techniques, including specialized methods for retrieving MARC Data) are representative examples. Practical Sybase Administration is a valuable class targeted at part-time Sybase administrators.
Workshop on Your Topic
We tailor on-site or web training to suit your needs. You pick the topics, we will send an expert for two days of instruction. (You cover the travel expenses for on-site training).