Alpha-G Consulting
Alpha-G Biographies

John Craig
John frequently handles business arrangements with customers. John's technical specialties include made-to-order SQL or configuration changes that modify the behavior of Horizon; and utilities that add features and functionality to the system. His understanding of SQL and the intricacies of how Horizon interacts with the database has allowed him to develop a variety of inexpensive SQL and Java solutions to address specific client needs.

Wendy Hart
Wendy has worked as an independent consultant for many years and has done extensive work on data migrations. For Alpha-G clients, she's done data clean-up, performed data extraction for migrations, and worked on Java and web-based applications.

Nazmu Nazarali
Nazmu's speciality is Java programming. Nazmu had many years of experience with Horizon before joining Alpha-G. He has produced a number of add-on utilities that work with Acquisitions and with HIP, as well as special-purpose administrative tools.

Kirk Sherrod
Kirk was heavily involved with Acquisitions when at Dynix and has since worked as a system administrator for a public library. Kirk is extremely effective at adapting Horizon to suit the needs of customers and is fluent in SQL. Kirk has a knack for making Horizon do things other people think are impossible.

Associate Consultants
Alpha-G frequently uses the skills of others beyond those listed above. We'll be sure to make introductions when you're contacted.