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Workshop on Your Topic

From $1,500.00

Up to 6 attendees; up to 16 hours of time. Price can be adjusted to accommodate larger groups. Discounts are available to purchasers of SQL Patterns or other courses.

This unique training offering gives you the opportunity to get information on whatever topics you're concerned with. A workshop is an ideal follow-up to one or more web courses. Instead of only working through the examples in a course, after you've learned what you can that way, get information on the problems and issues you're facing. Need a report you can't figure out how to generate? Facing an administrative headache? Considering doing some customizations to your system but not quite as confident as you'd like to be?

Submit your questions and then work through them with your instructor focusing on just the information you need to deal with what you're facing.

Please inquire about discounts and pricing for larger or smaller groups (you may be able to buy Alpha-G's time on retainer at a lower rate, for instance).