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Outsourced Administration

Rates Vary

If your staff lacks the experience (or the time!) to administer a system as complex and configurable as the Horizon system, consider an outsourcing contract. This is a service whose exact price varies depending upon your needs. Regardless of your exact circumstances, this can be a real bargain if it frees up one or more of your staff to work on other things.

Alpha-G will assign you an administrator who can assist in all aspects of managing that system which do not require on-site presence. For instance, if you perform backups to a removable medium, someone would have to handle the tape loading; but the management of the backup and recovery process would be handled by your administrator.

Depending upon your needs, we can negotiate a plan for you to have coverage during Business Hours, Extended Hours, or 24/7.

If you don't want to outsource administration of your database or Horizon system, consider purchasing some consulting time to get your staff up to speed on the new tasks they'll need to take on or just to resolve those nagging issues that you haven't quite gotten around to.