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Enhanced Pull List
From $1,000.00

In a multi-branch library, the standard Horizon Pull List has a number of limitations that Alpha-G's Enhanced Pull List overcomes. By allowing staff to limit the number of entries on a pull list, it's easy to ensure that the staff is not overwhelmed (and that the first branch to run the pull list won't end up filling a disproportionate number of requests). You can also choose to only pull items that are for local pickup (and then deal with what would go in transit later.)

Since the list is prioritized by age of the request, the oldest fillable requests will always appear in the list (the list is sorted by shelf order for convenience in picking). A list can be redisplayed and/or reprinted at another workstation without affecting the pull list and it can be completely regenerated at need. It's easy to mark unfound items and change their status so they will not show up repeatedly on the list, if you wish.

The contents of the list is controlled by an mq_view so you can modify it to suit your particular needs. Even the logic of the priority of the pull list function is straightforward to change (so, for instance, one or more branches never fill requests if there are items elsewhere in the system that could satisfy the request).

This product is available on a try-and-buy basis. Please inquire for more information.