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Replace Tag Text Utility

Now handles fixed field data too!

Find all instances of a given string in a particular tag/subfield or tag/position and replace it with different text. (Compatible with Horizon database versions 5.3 through 7.4.)

Using techniques designed to minimize interference with other library operations, this tool allows you to make batch changes in your catalog. This tool can allow you to make relatively painless switches in terminology (e.g. "electronic resource" rather than "computer file"), handle changes in cataloging practice (e.g. remember the discussion of the notorious romanization of the Cyrillic "ya" character?), or make changes that affect local information.

Please inquire to see if it can assist with the particular problem you have in mind--some special characters must be handled quite carefully.

The latest version allows you to create a table of records you wish to change and have the program change only those records. Using SQL you can use any type of criteria you need to select just the records and text to modify.

Replace Tag Text retains information on changed records so that reindexing (if necessary) of the affected records is simple. Replace Tag Text can also preserve the original text so you can undo the changes if there's a problem.

This is a graphical user-interface program and is delivered via Java Web Start. See the section on Java-based utility programs for more information on how this works, or try out the free Create Read-only Login utility to see how it works.

More information about the Replace Tag Text utility is available here.