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Customized Table Editor Views/Reports

From $350.00

Take advantage of the Table Editor's under used reporting capability. Alpha-G has a growing list of extremely useful Table Editor views and reports. Discounts are available for multiple view/report-purchases. (If you do not see what you need in the list below, please inquire.) Current offerings include:

Purchase Alert Report
Titles with more than a specified ratio of outstanding hold requests to items.
Acquisitions Summary Report
PO Lines with budget and location information (requires companion day-end step).
Bib Report
Lists of titles (with various MARC fields) by simple criteria.
Item Shelf List
Easily get lists of items in shelf order by call number range, collection, or other criteria.
Borrower Routings
Borrowers with titles routed to them.
Titles Available for Routing
List of titles available for routing by subject area.
Borrowers by Borrower Statistical Categories
Lists of borrowers associated with particular statistical categories (bstat codes).
Issue Copies Report
Simple serial reporting on issues and their associated copies (requires companion day-end step).
Copy History Report
Simple overview of the history of specific serial copies (requires companion day-end step).
Issue Detail Claims
Overview of serial claiming on all or selected titles (requires companion day-end step).
Brief Serials Holdings
Simple list of holdings for selected titles (requires companion day-end step).
Fine Report
Straightforward list of who owes what.