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Acquisitions Tools and Utilities

Please inquire about any tools or utilities you may need that are not listed.

Acquisitions Data Importer

Import Acquisitions POs and PO lines from an external administrative or accounting system. (Need to export data? Please inquire. We can definitely help you.)

Fix Acq PO ISBNs for Marc Import

Fix the ISBNs on Acq PO Lines for imported titles before creating EDIFACT files or other negotiable POs. ISBNs for imported Acq PO lines can be incorrect if you select not to overlay existing bibs. This avoids ordering incorrect formats and in some cases, premature cancellation of ordered lines.

Process EDIFACT Invoices for Web Orders

Automatically receive PO line items that have been successfully uploaded and processed via the EDIFACT Invoice process.

Even if you don't order through Horizon, you can still use EDIFACT invoices (some restrictions apply). This labor-saving utility allows you to use the vendor's ordering system, import the MARC records into Horizon to create the PO, then process the invoice electronically (even though the EDIFACT invoice does not include Horizon PO & line information).

Export Vouchers to External System

Export voucher information from Horizon Acquisitions to external system such as QuickBooks or other accounting package. Configurable translation between Horizon and external system's vendor and account codes and so forth. Please inquire for more details.

Import from External Ordering to Acquisitions

Import from an external ordering system into Horizon's Acquisitions module so that you can originate orders on an institutionally mandated system, but still use the tracking and processing capabilities of Acquisitions.

Acquisitions Summary Report

A uniquely straightforward summary of Acquisitions activities in the form of a searchable Table Editor report.

Acquisitions Receive/Checkin

Just scan the barcode of shelf-ready material to record the receipt of the material and get it ready for immediate circulation. (If your vendors do not send shelf-ready material, look at our Acquisitions Quick Scan Receive utility below to use the item's own ISBN/EAN or UPC barcode.)

This utility is simple enough for a part-time employee or volunteer to use and they don't need to even be able to log into Horizon.

Acquisitions Quick Scan Receive

This utility is a real time saver for the Acquisitions receiving process. Just scan (or enter) the item's ISBN/EAN or UPC barcode to record the receipt of material ordered in Acquisitions. This utility allows you to attach item barcodes and handles all of the fund processing for the received items. It will display workslip notes and allow the notes to be printed. It can receive items for just one location or multiple locations.

This utility is simple enough for a part-time employee or volunteer to use and they don't need to even be able to log into Horizon.

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