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Please inquire about any tools or utilities you may need that are not listed.

RADIUS or LDAP Borrower Authentication

No need to wait for SirsiDynix to add this long-promised capability.
If you need to authenticate borrowers for some external or linked system, Alpha-G can help you. This is an ideal solution for situations in which borrowers interact with different systems within the library (such as PC usage tracking systems or WiFi interconnection) or when the borrower already has some other form of ID (such as student or employee identification).

Integrated/Secure Overdrive Authentication

Using or considering Overdrive for electronic media and content? Let your patrons use your Overdrive subscriptions from wherever they find it convenient. Fully integrated authentication works seemlessly with Overdrive to deliver electronic content to your patrons from wherever they access the Internet.

HTML Emailer

Send HTML promotional or informational emails to your borrowers (you can also send plain text if you like). The HTML Emailer is a simple way to send occassional HTML emails to your patrons. You can also easily restrict who the emails are sent to by various criteria. This flexible tool is straightforward and convenient.

Purchase Alert

Titles with more than a specified ratio of outstanding hold requests to items. This is a Table Editor report.

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