Alpha-G Consulting
Alpha-G puts its expertise to work for you in:
• Database Administration and Configuration

· Sybase


· Interbase/Firebird

• SQL and Database Design

• Java and Related Web & Database Technologies

• SirsiDynix's (formerly Dynix's) Horizon System

· System Administration

· Backup System Administration

· Configuration Changes

· Functional Customizations

· Specialized Functions for former Dynix ILS sites

· SQL Scripts

· Utilities

· Reports
New Products
Acquisitions Quick Scan Receive This utility is a real time saver for the Acquisitions receiving process.
Text Messaging (SMS) for Item Due Prenotifier and Notice Emailer products.
Some Cool Products
Notice Emailer Text Messaging option also available.
Item Due Prenotifier Text Messaging option also available.
Featured Products
Check out the Tools and Utilities sections for sale prices on selected products.
Consulting and Troubleshooting
Need someone nerdy and knowledgable to work with you or just answer a few questions? Check out our flexible consulting arrangements.
Where do you find someone who knows all the geekie bits, but can still explain it in English? Alpha-G can help. Let us give your staff the information they need to function in new areas.
Tools and Utilities
Would life with your database be easier if you just had a tool to...? Alpha-G might already have it. If not, we can make it for you. You'll find that our prices offer you an unmatched value for your precious funds.
Alpha-G creates programs for specific interactive and batch database processes. We've solved problems from adding tags to MARC files to fixing the capitalization of titles originally entered in all caps. Give us a crack at your toughest problems.