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Circulation Tools and Utilities

Please inquire about any tools or utilities you may need that are not listed.

Purge Inactive Borrowers - Initial Seat

Delete inactive borrowers from your database with this simple graphical program. Choose to delete borrowers that have been expired for months or years, borrowers that have not checked out an item in years, or both. Do you have old borrowers hanging around that can't be deleted because they have old data showing blocks or items out? No problem! Purge Inactive Borrowers utility will allow you to delete borrowers that owe money, have a refund pending, or have items that are checked out, lost or claimed returned or on hold. This tool is a huge time-saver. Discounts are available for multiple workstation purchases.

Purge Inactive Borrowers - Subsequent Seats

The Purge Inactive Borrowers utility is sold on a per workstation basis. Any purchase of the Purge Inactive Borrowers utility after the first purchase will cost only $250.00.

Enhanced Pull List

Ensure the best service for fulfilling hold requests (and improve your staff's attitude) by using this utility. It prioritizes requests so that the oldest unfiled requests get handled first; allows limiting the size of the list to a specific maximum number of items; allows regeneration on demand or reviewing the current list; and even allows pulling only items for local pickup.

Item Due Prenotifier

Sends out an e-mail to borrowers a few days before their items are due. Patrons love it. The utility is a real incentive for them to give you their e-mail addresses so you can e-mail overdue notices and other library communications. With its simple setup and automatic operation, the Prenotifier is a great way to add to the value you offer your patrons with little staff effort.

Notice Emailer

This utility complements Horizon's standard notice functions with flexibility to send e-mail notices on a different schedule than you use with paper notices. This utility also gives you extra flexibility in sending paper notices as well as e-mailed or TeleCirc notices (rather than sending all notices one way or the other).

Delivery CKO Utility

Checks out an item and prints a mailing label for the requesting borrower. Simple, one-step approach to providing a delivery option to your patrons. Can also assess a fee for the delivery service.

Item Changer

Scan an item's barcode to temporarily change its location, collection, or item type. Restore it to its prior values with another scan. Very simple and convenient. Requires virtually no training (so it's easy for volunteers or part-time staff to use). Discounts apply to multiple workstation purchases.

Simplified Self-Check-out

In a corporate, school, or special library, it may be quite practical to have users check out their own material without an expensive scanning machine. This utility simplifies the process and makes it more foolproof than the standard Horizon utility. Discounts are available for multiple workstation purchases.

Claims Returned to Fine

Captures information about overdue Claims Returned items during Check In and adds an appropriate overdue fine to the borrower's record.

Borrower Label Print

Scan the borrower's barcode or the barcode of an item checked out to the borrower to print a mailing label. It's quick and easy.

Self-serve Hold Shelf Hold ID

Set up a Hold ID that includes part of the patron's name and barcode (or whatever you like) so that you can print this ID on the hold slip and the patrons can find their own on-hold material. Once set up, there's no staff intervention required to keep it current through changes of barcodes and addition of new patrons.

Combine with the Hold Slip Printer (below) for even more flexibility.

Hold Slip Printer

Print hold slips with multiple fonts--and even in color! How about the Hold Expiration Date? All this and more! Works great for self-serve hold shelf slip printing.

This is praticularly popular with the Hold ID described above.

BStat Editor

Group editor for borrower bstats (as for geographical codes). Within Horizon, there's no simple way to change a group of borrower's bstat codes; this Alpha-G utility does it in a snap.

Age-based Bstat Maintenance

Keep your patrons' Bstats current without staff intervention (or even having to remember to do it). This utility is easily adapted for other types of Bstats that require rolling over, such as school grade.

Hand-held Scanner In-house Usage CKI

Record in-house usage via the normal Horizon checkin function on your hand-held unit. Run the file through Alpha-G's In-house Use utility to update the in-house usage counts and statistics for the scanned items: convenient and simple.

Itype CKO & Renewal Fee

Do you have material types for which you charge a fee at checkout? This utility not only handles the initial checkout fee, but allows borrowers to renew them via the web and still be charged the appropriate fee.

Inter-branch Holds/Checkout Tracking/Reporting

If you need more information than Horizon provides on the loaning of material to fill hold requests between branches or consortium members, this tool can help.

Permanent Circ History

Retain Circulation History information indefinitely or for a specified number of loans or period and have the prior circulation display fully integrated with Horizon. You control whether or not to retain the identity of the borrower who used the item, as suits your library's needs. Great as a reporting tool (tracking item usage over time) even if you do not need the information displayed by default. You can also add tracking of blocks associated with a given item.

Specialized Day-End Steps

Day-end steps to change behavior, capture information, or adjust settings. Java programs or SQL scripts for day-end steps have no user interaction and can run on the server or a PC. Some come with companion reports (generally viewed via the Table Editor). Please contact Alpha-G for a specific price quotation. We can create new day-end steps to suit your particular needs. Current offerings include:

Hold Expired Fee

Charge borrowers who do not pick up material placed on hold for them.

Claims Returned to Lost

Ages claims-returned items to lost.

Purchase Alert Report

Titles with more than a specified ratio of outstanding hold requests to items.
This is a Table Editor report.

Borrowers by Borrower Statistical Categories

Lists of borrowers associated with particular statistical categories (bstat codes). This is a searchable Table Editor report.

Fines/Fees Owing Report

Straightforward list of who owes what. This is a searchable Table Editor report.
Ask about multi-purchase discounts.

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