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Cataloging Tools and Utilities

Please inquire about any tools or utilities you may need that are not listed.

Replace Tag Text Utility

One of our most popular tools. Find and replace text in specific tag/subfields or tag/fixed positions in your MARC data. Can also delete subfields and even retain punctuation while removing the subfield and its data, if you need it to. A great way to make adjustments to fixed fields or to deal with terminology changes such as computer file becoming electronic resource.

HIP Lists: Auto-update 449 Tags

Wouldn't you like to be able to take advatage of the 449 tags for specialized HIP lists without having to maintain them by hand? We'll help you install and configure an automatic process that'll add and remove the tags on a schedule that fits your needs and keeps your lists current.

MARC 21 Updates for Bib and Auth Control Tables

Update your bib and auth tag control tables to the current MARC 21 standards. All tags with a 9 in them are retained as defined by you. This update is available for whatever version of Horizon you are currently using.

856 Tag URL Link Checker

This unique link checker produces its report in the form of an HTML file which you can open in a browser. Running the program is a simple one-step process. Viewing the report in a browser allows you to verify all the reported problems by going to the link in question. To assist you in correcting problem URLs, the report includes links to the URL's host (home page) and a click-to-run Internet search link.

Weed Collection

Delete items from your collection with this simple graphical program: either in interactive mode (scan the item's barcode) or in batch mode (based on a number of criteria you specify). If desired, the program also deletes copy and bib records that are left without items by the deletion (it allows you to control what happens to authorities left without bibs too). The Weed Collection utility is supplied with a companion day-end step that sends an e-mail to designated staff which contains a specially formatted list of deleted bib records' ID numbers for batch deleting the bibs from your bibliographic utility account. A log file shows what items, copies, bibs, and authorities were deleted. Discounts apply to multiple workstation purchases.

Item Changer

Scan an item's barcode to temporarily change its location, collection, or item type. Restore it to its prior values with another scan. Very simple and convenient. Requires virtually no training (so it's easy for volunteers or part-time staff to use). Discounts apply to multiple workstation purchases.

Report Aid

Easily include any kind of data you'd like in reports without having to manipulate the data. This tool is particularly helpful for dealing with MARC data (it handles MARC maps) and other, complex data such as enumeration and chronology for issues.

MARC Export with Serials Holdings

Export MARC Holdings Data in 86X tags from your Horizon system, either along MARC bibliographical data, or as separate holdings records (with specified tags). You control which bib and copy records' holdings are exported by specifying locations, collections, or using a prepared list of bib records from a table. As your needs dictate, you can set the utility to export records with no associated holdings or to skip them.

Copy Deleter

Allows pre-7.3 single-step deletion of copies and all dependent data (issues, prediction, holdings, and so on). No more Cannot delete copy it is referenced in messages. The Copy Deleter works correctly with multiple copies, shared prediction patterns, multiple check-in locations, and so on.

OCLC Numbers of Deleted Bibs

Part of the Weed Collection package, but may be used separately. E-mails formatted list of deleted bibs for batch deletion of bibs from your OCLC account. This utility even handles updating of old-style OCLC numbers to match current numbering conventions.

Serial Issue Reporting Aid

Adds a full and complete displayable form of the issue's enumeration and chronology data to simplify serial reporting. This is in the form of a Table Editor report.

Bib Report

Easily get lists of titles (with various MARC fields) by simple criteria. This is a Table Editor report that is searchable via various criteria.

Item Shelf List

Easily get lists of items in shelf order by call number range, collection, or other criteria. This is in the form of a Table Editor report.

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